Usborne Books & More faceBOOK Party

with April Hartl


I’m really excited about your upcoming faceBOOK party! It’s going to be a fun time where your friends can get great books and you can earn lots of books for FREE!

The way Facebook events work is that those who have “opted in” or “joined” to the party, receive the pre-party posts. So, we really need your friends to RSVP that they’re going to the party so they can get notifications of our posts. We don't want to invite too early for people may forget or lose interest. I will create and send you the invite via FB the week prior to your party. Then we will work on getting them pumped up!

1. First, only invite a handful of your closest friends and family, like 5-8 of them. Have them RSVP that they are going. Send them a Facebook message; call them, text them – or however you normally talk to them. Just let them know about it and that you really want them to RSVP. If you already have some of Usborne’s awesome books it’s a great time to share them via video or photos (or in person if you are seeing them). It’s helpful if people can see how they are interactive and the quality of the product.

There is a drawing for the first 25 people who rsvp – they go into a drawing for an awesome Usborne prize!

2. After you get that handful of people who RSVP yes or maybe, THEN you can invite the rest of your Facebook friends. You can also send them a link to the event by private message – FB says you can’t do that; however you actually can – just copy and paste the event URL. To send them individual, private Facebook messages – just hover over their name in the invite list and send a message there.

Try not to invite more than 50 people. You want to people to feel that you want them there, not that they are just a number. The goal is to have about 25 RSVP YES. Generally, about half with show up and maybe about half of that will order.

Or if you have a super big wish list you may want to up your goal to 35 RSVPS

3. I need you to be super present on the event wall daily – if I post a pre-party post you can comment or like it. I need you to be there often. Your loud voice is going to make the party be great, otherwise it’s just me talking and they don’t know me. We really, really, really need you to be a super loud voice on the event wall.

You can tag your friends, especially if they haven’t RSVP’d, tag them in a post you make on the event wall or in a comment, so they’ll see it (i.e. "Hey Sally! Check this out! I think your little Suzy would LOVE this!! or OH! this is awesome! My Johnny would love this book!").

We are a TEAM!

I want you to have a successful party and get lots of FREE books, which is why I have these few tips for you! Together we can make a great team. Start creating a wishlist and talking to your friends! The #1 thing you can do to make your party successful is BE EXCITED!

I’m really looking forward to your party!!

Don’t forget that anyone who doesn’t have FB can still order. Just share the shopping link via email with them. Their purchases will go towards your party (the more orders- the more FREE books). Attached you will find the double free offer and the May special. You can decide which offer works best for you (both are super great).


Q.- Why is there a $2 hostess fee?

A.-Well free books are taxable by the IRS as income. (IRS publication 911). To avoid this hassle at tax time UBAM charges a hostess fee of $2 for the entire host benefits program. The $2 is then taxed so books you've earned do not need to be taxed or claimed as an income at tax time. Tax is applied to your order of discounted books (and any overages) and the cost of shipping.

Shipping? Something else to note is that there is shipping on your free and discounted books. Usborne can give away books, but UBAM can't get UPS to deliver for free!

Please let me know if you have any questions about books or hosting! Looking forward to helping you get that wish list for FREE!

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