Andrew Jackson

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Most people don't know very much about the 7th president of the United States of America and what he did. Jackson. Was born March 15, 1776. Jackson played a small role in the revolutionary war, a major role in the War of 1812, and the Creek and Indian War. Jackson was married to a woman named Rachel Donaldson Robards Jackson. This writing will inform you about Andrew Jackson's life.

Early life

Andrew Jackson lived a very interesting life. Andrew Jackson's father and Mother were Irish colonisits who had emigrated to the U.S. two years before he was born. Andrew Jackson also had two older brothers named Hugh and Robert. Andrew Jackson's parents were Presbyterian. Nobody knows where exactly Andrew Jackson was born because his mother was on her way home from burying his father when she had Andrew. Andrew's father was killed two weeks before he was born in an accident. When Andrew was growing up he worked in a saddle shop. He also went to a field school which is a school that is in the middle of a field.

War years

Next I will be taking about Andrew Jackson's war years. Jackson and his brothers were couriers for the U.S.during the Revolutionary War. Jackson, and his brother Robert, were captured by the British soldiers. While in prison, Jackson and his brother came down with small pocks. Three days after they were released Robert died of the virus. One of the most famous battles for Jackson was the Battle of New Orleans during this battle Jackson's army of 5,000 if he defeated a British army of 7,500


Some of the most interesting facts come from Jackson's family life. Jackson met his future wife while renting a room from her family. When he met her she was married to another man named Lewis Robards. Jackson later heard that she had gotten a divorce and they decided to get married. After they were married they found out that Rachel's divorce had never been finalized. They got remarried after the divorce was final. Once a man named Charles Dickenson started teaseing Jackson and his wife so Jackson challenged him to a duel. Jackson won but not before taking a bullet to the shoulder which later caused his death of lead poisoning. Rachel later died of a heart attack two weeks after the election. Jackson also had three adopted children, two were Indian orphans, and one was his wife's nephew.


Andrew Jackson may not have been the wisest president but could be one of the most determined presidents ever. Dispite all his hurdles he kept on trying. Andrew Jackson was sometimes considered cruel in battle but was effective for his cause. History shows that one of the most important things about him is his love for his family. Andrew Jackson was a great man.


#1 Divorce: A legal break up between a wife and a husband.

#2 Nephew: A son of one's brother or sister, or one's brother in law or sister in law.

#3 Courier: A person who delivers packages and mail.



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