Hernan Cortes

By: Natalie Abowd

Where is He From?

Around 1485 Cortes was born in a small village, Medellin. The area is now known as Extremadura, Spain.
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Who Did He Sail For?

His first expedition resulted in the conquer of Mexico and the Aztecs while sailing for Spain. He later then joined Cuba to go explore Mexico.

Cortes' Voyages

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Years of Exploration

1504- Cortes left Spain to discover the New World

1511- Joined an expedition of Cuba led by Velazquez

Places Discovered

He made it to Hispaniola around 1504 for the first time where he became a citizen and started working as a farmer in the colony. In 1511 he left on a journey to conquer Cuba. This was a success and Cortes was named clerk to the treasurer in present day Cuba. In 1518 he was put in charge of the exploration of Spanish colonization in Mexico, and in 1519 Cortes claimed land for the Spanish empire.
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Feats and Accomplishments

Not only did Cortes voyage to the Americas from 1504-1515, he also made it to Cuba. There he takes over the Aztec Empire in 1521. Prior to his take over of the Aztec Empire, he has Montezuma killed for trying to prevent him from taking over. He then returns to Mexico in 1530.


Cortes was a very curious young man. His parents sent away to study at the University of Salamanca when he was a young adult. He was bored and school just was not interesting to him. After returning home he was not happy and wanted to be involved in the discovery of the New World. He was also quite romantic, he had an affair back in his village of Medellin and was looking for women in the New World also. When it came to conquering and power he was not the kindest. He was often brutal and very violent. A prime example is the killing of Montezuma for the control of the Aztec Empire.
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His Purpose

Cortes from the very start was very curious about the new land that was being discovered and what it had to offer. After he got a taste of the power that he could gain in the New World he was ready to gain power and importance in Cuba. His purpose in Cuba was to gain power of the Aztec Empire.

Outcome of His Voyages

The outcome of his voyage to Cuba was the new ruler of the Aztecs. In 1519 he claimed land for the Spanish Empire also.

Significant Events

-Cortes kills Montezuma while in Cuba

-Takes over the Aztec Empire

-He was accused of poisoning his enemies in 1527 in Spain

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