Who are you

I am Mary Lee, a mother of Wendi and Broderick, Grandmother of Darrell, Xavier, Kamaya, Broderick Jr., and Nesiah, a student of Ashford University, semi-retired disabled, who live in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Lessons from EDU 684

I learned how to co-create a shared vision statement, how to actively engage stakeholders to be participants in creating the vision, the different leadership styles that inspire people to follow your vision.

Goals for EDU 687

I want to learn all elements of leadership in the 21st century so that I can be an effective professional educator so students will have the opportunity to succeed in learning and I can improve my practice. I want to learn how to build a learning culture that is safe, inviting community of learners who will be comfortable to actively engage in a collaborative environment to work together individual and collectively to lo learn.


To achieve this goal in the class I will be a participant in the discussions and assignments in a timely manner.


I love the New Orleans saints even though they are not on the top right now and I love to tell everyone that I am from the Who-Dat Nation

Specialization Goal

I chose to pursue a Master in Educational Leadership because I plan to open up a blended school where the students come to class on Mondays and Fridays and Tues- Thrus they stay home and work from the computer. This specialization will prepare with the essential tools to get started to open my school.