Rose City

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Rose Mary Lane

How did I originate?

My grandmother owned a field of roses which gave me the idea to call it Rose City.

Type of economy?


Type of government






National Anthem

India Arie - Beautiful Flower

Claim to Fame

Known for our Roses

National Animal

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Who are some of your trading partners ?

mudwerk ent ... Isotopia

What do you trade ?

I trade roses and other flower plants.

Membership in the U.N. ?


List at least 10 laws

1. Only women are allowed to drive cars
2. All city parks are planted with rose bushes, apple trees, pear trees, etc and vegetables.
3. Littering is punishable by community service time for 1st offense and jail for 2nd.
4. A person needs a special license to drive a giant SUV or truck.
5. Political ads are allowed to run for 3 months before the election and no longer.
6. All the same things that we have in the Bill of Rights .
7. Drugs tests are mandatory for people to obtain welfare, and to get a driver's license, and before they can take a new baby home from the hospital.
8. People can own guns, but have to take a safety class first.



List at least three current events

We had problems with the plant growth because there was not enough sunlight.

Some of the plants got stolen by an unknown group of people out of the city.