Santa Clause

How he came to be

Who is Santa clause

The modern figure of Santa clause is derived from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, whose name is a pronunciation of Saint Nick. He is mostly known for his long white beard and his red coat. He delivers presents to the good kids of the word.
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When did it all start?

Santa clause started back in turkey as a monk around 280 A.D known as Saint Nicholas.
  • Nicholas became first a priest and then a bishop in the early Christian church. The very first paintings of him show Nicholas wearing the ceremonial robes of a Christian bishop. The robes were red with white.Nicholas became famous for gift-giving, usually to the poor. In the early fourth century a legend began to spread about Nicholas coming at night to the home of three poor girls. While the girls slept, Nicholas left gold coins in their stockings, which were drying by the fire. That’s how our tradition of Santa filling stockings got its start. He started to get very popular all over the world.Our modern-day image of Santa as a stout man is based on Coca-Cola ads from the 1930s.
  • Today

    Now on present day we know Saint Nicholas as the big jolly fat man named santa clause who comes down your chimney an places gifts around your tree to make children happy all around the world, and so they can learn to spread christmas cheer by giving gifts to others.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!