The Revolution Comes to America

Samuel Slater brings industrial revolution to Rohode Island

Breaking news! Samuel Slater brings the industrial revolution to the America's on a quest to start a business. Richard Arkwright invented the water frame but Samuel Slater wanted to take it to the next level. Richard Arkwright was strict about his workers leaving Britain so he had security making sure no one left. Slater, disguised as a farmer, memorized the mechanics and moved to the US. When in the U.S. he teamed up with Smith Brown and William Almy to start his first mill in Pawtucket Rhode Island.

Fencing or Boxing

G.L. Barrett Teacher of Fencing and Boxing

G.L. Barrett is teaching the elegant manly art of fencing and boxing. He  is now in Boston teaching the scientific skills neede to box or fence. He has learned his skills from the best of the best, Mendoza and Humphrie. Boxing may not be very popular but it will be when you take lessons from Barrett. Fencing is very popular in Britain and with special one on one training with Barrett you could become famous.