Voting in the U.S.

By: Sarah Williamson

Voter Registration procedures/Requirements and steps to voting


Must be a U.S. Citizen and 18 yrs. old be a resident and be registered 25 days before election


National voter registration Act requires states to let people to register when they renew their drivers licenses

On Election day voters go to polling place in their precincts to cast their vote

You write down name address and signature and the challenger reads your name out and makes sure you who you are

You choose a candidate on the ballot and you mark the one you want and you are ready to say that you voted

Timeline of History suffage and voting Amendments

1870- Fifteenth Amendment can vote no matter the race

1920- Nineteenth Amendment women's right to vote

1924- Congressional Act

1944- Smith v. Allwright prohibiting African Americans from voting primary elections is unconstitutional

1957- Civil Rights Act of 1957

1961 Twenty-third Amendment citizens can vote in D.C.

1971- Twenty-sixth Amendment lowered voting age to 18 from 21

Seventeenth Amendment citizens directly electing senators

Twenty-fourth Amendment ended poll taxes