Grassland Biome

Maggie Kilgore

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  • Grassland biomes are large land areas of grass and plants, with very few trees.
  • 25% of the Earth is covered by grassland.
  • Grassland biomes can be found in Midwestern part of the U.S.
  • There are only 2 seasons in the grasslands, the growing season (warm) and, the dormant season (cold).
  • The growing season in a grassland biome lasts from 100-175 days, with temperatures up to 70°F.
  • The dormant season can have temperatures down to -40°F.
  • The average rainfall for grasslands range from 10-30 inches a year.
  • Common animals found in grassland biomes are Buffalo, Wolves, Deer, Wild Turkey, Bobcats, and Canadian Geese.
  • The soil in grasslands is very fertile, good for growing wheat, oats, clover, and corn.