Executive Branch Organization

By Corbin Bernholtz, Anthony Silvio

Vice President of the United States

  • What is the Line of Presidential Succession

    • Vice President

    • Speaker of house

    • President of the senate

    • secretary of state

    • Secretary of the treasure

    • Secretary of defense

    • Attorney general

  • What are the major responsibilities of the VP

    • President of the senate

    • Helps decide presidential Disability

    • President in waiting

  • How has his influence and prominence changed over time

    • President of the Senate

    • Helps decide presidential disability

    • “President in waiting”

    • More used in modern policies and diplomacy

Members of the President's Cabinet

  • What leaders make up the President's Cabinet?

    • Vice President of the United States

    • Secretaries of departments

    • Other chief advisor

  • What is the purpose and duty of the Cabinet?

    • Direct the individual departments of the government

    • Advise the President on any matter relative to their department
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15 Executive Departments

  • Vice President of the United States

  • Department of State

  • Department of the Treasury

  • Department of Defense

  • Department of Justice

  • Department of the Interior

  • Department of Agriculture

  • Department of Commerce

  • Department of Labor

  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Department of Transportation

  • Department of Energy

  • Department of Education

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Department of Homeland Security

National Security Council

  • What is the purpose of the National Security Council?

    • –Advises President on National Security Concerns, actions, issues

  • Who is in the National Security Council?

    • Secretary of State

    • Secretary of Defense

    • Secretary of the Treasury

    • Vice President

    • Head of the CIA

    • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    • Commanders of the Four Branches

    • President’s Chief of Staff

    • Others may also be invited
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Office of Management and Budget

  • What does the Office of Management and Budget Do?

    • To assist the president in preparing the annual federal budget and to oversee its administration via the executive branch agencies.
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White House Staff

  • What are the duties of the Chief of Staff, and White House Staff members?

    • Nearly 100 men and women employed to be the President’s Personal aids, advisors, and staff who advise him on ALL matters dealing with the Presidency and the Nation.

Press Secretary

  • What are the duties of the Press Secretary

    • The White House Press Secretary is a senior White House official whose primary responsibility is to act as spokesman for the United States government administration
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Agencies within the Cabinet Departments

  • What is the Federal Bureaucracy?

    • anyone who works for the government

  • Give examples of Agencies within the Cabinet Departments and summarize what they do (8)

    • FBI: They deal with the domestic affairs and the security of the United States

    • Marine Corps: They deal with foreign threats on land and sea, basically the best branch

    • Army: Deal with foreign threats on land, largest military branch

    • DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration, enforces drug laws

    • IRS: Responsible for collecting tax

    • Coast Guard: They protect the coasts of the United States, rescue people at sea

    • US marshals: Federal Law enforcement agency

    • National Parks Service: Protects the National Parks in the United States
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Independent Agencies

  • Give examples of Independent Agencies and summarize what they do (6)

    • FEMA: They deal with national emergencies in the United States

    • FDIC: Maintain public confidence and encourage stability of the financial system through safe banking

    • USPS: In charge of the United States mail

    • USGS: In charge of studying the United States geographical make up

    • NASA: In charge of studying/preserving/researching space

    • United States Environmental Protection Agency: Protects United States’ environment

Regulatory Commissions

  • Give examples of Regulatory Commissions and summarize what they do (4)

    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): regulates and promotes air transportation safety, including airports and pilot licensing

    • Federal Communications Commission (FCC): regulates interstate and foreign communication by radio, telephone, telegraph, and television

    • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): enforces federal safety standards

    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): establishes and enforces pollution standards

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