Description of your animal.

Ducks are birds with webbed feet for swimming and their feathers are waterproof. They’re related to Geese and Swans.

Ducks are smaller than their relatives, they have a shorter neck and wings and a stout body.

How is it born, how does the mother care for its young?

Ducks usually look for a mate/partner in the winter, the male ducks will attract the females with their feathers and then the female ducks will lead the male to their breeding ground in spring. Then when the female lays about 5-12 eggs she’ll sit on the eggs to keep them warm so they can become ducklings. The mother helps keep her ducklings warm, she shows them what to eat and what not to eat.

How does it get its food and what does it eat?

They get their food by swimming in a pond and going underwater or they just walk around on land.

Ducks eat small fish, snails, worms, grass, water and land insects, seeds, grain and small berries.

Where does it live and what are some of its habits?

Ducks live around/in swamps, lakes, rivers and ponds.

Some ducks will eat grass, worms and insects and then others will eat corn and will eat along river banks.

Who are it’s enemies and how does it defend itself?

Foxes and weasels are the two top enemies for a duck.

Ducks defend themselves by ducking or covering themselves.