The Hobbit By J.R.R Tolkien

Poster By Dylan Duque pages:365

Catch Phrase

Always be willing to try new things.
The book The Hobbit talks about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins and his adventure with the one and only Gandalf The Great, and thirteen other dwarfs who are on an adventure to reclaim the The Lonely Mountain home to the thirteen dwarfs. They have to reclaim the mountain by Durins day the only day where the moons light will shine over the key hole of the hidden door in The Lonely Mountain. Bilbo Baggins had always lived a silent life in his quiet hobbit hole without adventures, excitement, and rarely any noise. So this was to Bilbo's surprise when the day came that he would be chosen to go on an adventure. That day came, the day that Gandalf The Great came, a wizard known everywhere he went. Gandalf had come for one reason; he had come to take Bilbo Baggins on an amazing adventure to The Lonely Mountain. This indeed would change his life forever, but of course he was excited but then he wasn't because he had always lived a silent and non-adventurous life, but this was a one in a life time experience that he had to take advantage of. Even his ancestors had gone on many adventures and with their blood in him that helped him to decide that he was certain he would go on this adventure to new lands far away and to fight many different creatures just to get to his and his friends goal.

Point of view

This books point of view is in third person.


The theme in The Hobbit is always be caring and helpful. For example in the book Bilbo was nice enough to help the thirteen dwarfs reclaim their home. I can apply this to my life because my parents are from Colombia, so they don't speak or read much English so whenever I can I try to help. Same with any family friends or even strangers. So I try to take advantage that I was born in America and that I can speak, read, and write in English. I'm happy that I know English and that I can help my family, family friends, and strangers with their English. This is how I can apply the theme of my book to my life.
This is a scene in the book where Bilbo Baggins finds magical ring that can make him invisible which is very beneficial to him later on in the story.