Wealth and Smarts

Economics and Education

Eco to Edu

Economics describes the factors of distribution, production, and consumption of goods and services. Education is the information people learn by going to school or being tutored or taught. The economics in Kenya aren't as good as they are in the USA, and neither is their education. Kenya is a less wealthy country than the USA and their shelter, food, and clothes show it. Some Kenyans are wealthier than others and so they get better education such as primary school or tutoring. If a child has a teacher that isn't as educated as another, the kid they're teaching won't be as educated compared to a kid taught by someone smarter.

What's Being Done?

Some churches will sponsor kids through foundations such as WorldVision. This specific foundation works like this (through some churches): They will have pictures and information about each kid. Then you can find a child you would like to sponsor and you send money to the child for their education, food, housing, etc. During the Christmas season, you can buy them animals such as goats for milk or chickens for eggs. You can also buy them sports equipment, medicine, blankets, and many other things that they will receive for their Christmas present. Also, there are some schools that take foreign exchange students that can get better education at they school and potentially become teachers where they did live snd teach kids in that country what they learned in another country.

Africa vs Usa

World Vision

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