Block Schedules Reduce Stress

More time in class means more time for homework

Good things about block schedule

  • More time in class for learning
  • You can ask more questions with the extra time
  • More time will allow you to have more time for homework, so you have less homework to do at home
  • Less homework=less stress
  • If you ask more questions you will understand the lesson better

Bad things about block

  • More time in class so if you don't enjoy your class your there longer
  • More sitting down throughout the day as opposed to 7 periods
  • You don't go to the class everyday so the chance of forgetting the material is slightly increased

Other key facts

  • Other schools in our region use block days everyday, for example Marcus does that everyday and 7 out of 10 kids at Marcus say they have little to no stress and homework
  • They usually finish their homework in class during their longer class times allowing them to relax at home
  • Since they only go to a certain class every other day, they technically get 2 days to finish their homework instead of only one