Alzheimers Disease

By Anthony Minor

Alzheimer's Disease Explanation

Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes usually aged people to lose their memory. Symptoms usually develop very slowly but eventually get really bad over time. It is so bad it causes people to forget tasks that they do on a daily basis. It can even make people forget who their own family members are! Currently there is no treatment or cure for tis disease. This is why it is a very bad disease.

Age of disease

People with Alzheimer's are normally people over the age of 35. Since the disease is very long in taking time to do what it does, it normally doesn't even affect young people.
What Is Alzheimer's Disease?

What I've learned About Alzheimer's

I learned that This disease causes people to lose their memory over time. It also normally affects older people because the disease takes a very long time to develop. I also learned there is no current treatment to stop this or any cure. There is currently no form of delay or any way to stop it.