ELC Newsletter

May 20th, 2016

Thank Yous

The A& W Night with the PTO and Reading Team was a huge success last night. We had so much fun and it was busy the entire night through 7:30-8:00. We thank Sandy O'Laughlin and the waitresses there for supporting us and to all the students, families, community members, and staff who came to eat and have root beer or ice cream, it was yummy. Thank you again to all the staff that took their time to support this!

ELC Knocks SLO's Out Of the Park

I am so very proud of all the staff and students' hard work at ELC this year. EVERY group exceeded their SLO. The Early Childhood Team had their SLO met with their students by mid year, so they revised it and raised the bar. Nearly all the 3 and 4 year old special education students surpassed this goal. Secondly, in 4K we had a total of 87% of the population of students reach the spring benchmark of PALS. This far surpassed the 80% goal set by myself and the teachers. Congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Zweig whose morning and afternoon classes both had 100% reach those benchmarks. Also, to Mrs. Leanne Powers and Mrs. Vicki Krug, whose classrooms came so far from where they started. In the 5 year old kindergarten program, we tell yet another success story! The SLO of reaching a 50 on the SPG, was far surpassed by all classes. The grade average SPG was 65, so CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Gilbertson, Mrs. Jagodzinski, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Hock, Mrs. Milanowski, Mrs. Toellner, and Mrs. Guelig for working so hard to help all students exceed our goal. I am so fortunate and blessed to be able to work with such a great group of hard working staff! Way to go everyone at ELC!!

Summer Curriculum Hours

Many of you have proposed summer curriculum hours, which I have supported and sent in to Mr. Adam Broten to approve as the new Director of Teaching and Learning. It is awesome to see that despite how well we did, we still continue to want to learn and improve.

June, July, and August Birthdays:

June 14: Samantha Freimund and Cindy Weston

Jun3 29: Melanie Cowling

July 13: Liz Forbes

July 27: Steve Hock

August 17: Kim Sales

Happy Summer Birthdays to all of You!

Upcoming Events at ELC:

Friday, May 27: Kindergarten Walking Fieldtrip to the Spillman Library

Monday, May 30: No School

Tuesday, May 31: Movie Day for Kindergarten in the PAC at HMHS

Wednesday, June 1: Play Day with Mrs. Harney and the Oriole Leaders

Thursday, May 26th: Walking fieldtrip to FLC in the morning, weather permitting

Thursday, May 26th: Graduation for Divine Savior 4K

Thursday, June 2: Last Day of School for Arts for Kids 4K

Friday, June 3: Last Day of School for 5K, Early Release at 1:10 PM

My Out of Building Times for Next Week:

Monday: May 23: 7:15 PST at FLC,

Tuesday, May 24: 9:00 Admin; 1:00 Summative Meeting at HMHS

Wednesday, May 25: 8:30 BAMS BCT; 2:35: HMHS Spec. Ed. Dept. Meeting

Thursday, May 26th: 10:30 Graduation at Divine Savior; 3;30 IEP at FLC

Friday, May 27th: 7:45 Special Ed. Meeting at FLC, then ELC rest of the Day