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30 September 2022

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Certificate Ceremony for TAC’s New Peer Counselors

TAC Peer Counseling Project involves students in the process of supporting their fellow classmates and younger students academically, socially and emotionally. Within the project, more and more students volunteer to be Peer Counselors every year and receive training.

TAC’s Peer Counselors (class of 2025) documented the completion of their training with a ceremony held in the Sadik Pasha Foyer. In the ceremony which saw the participation of Mrs Amanda Sunderman, Head of School, and the school’s guidance counselors, the importance of peer counseling training, the meaningful role students these students will play for TAC, and the responsibility on students were emphasized once again. Personally expressing the special importance of the project for her, Mrs. Sunderman congratulated the new cohort of peer counselors.

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Prep Students Were Introduced to the TAC Library

TAC’s preparatory class students have completed their library orientation. Through presentations on the functioning and use of the library, our students were provided with the opportunity to get to know their libraries better. In the first part of the orientation, the students learned how to use the library resources, and in the second part, they successfully completed the tasks they were assigned in the QR code activity. TAC welcomes the youngest members of the TAC community and wish them a healthy and happy year.

The Earth Prize

The Earth Prize

Dear TAC Family,

The Earth Prize is a global environmental sustainability competition for students aged 13 and 19 which rewards the teams whose projects have the most potential to address environmental issues. The prize is worth 200 thousand USD.

Through the Earth Prize, students are challenged, mentored, and inspired to effect real change by designing their own environmental sustainability projects, products, events or initiatives.

Every participant in the Earth Prize will engage with original, customized materials made available for their use and receive personalized mentorship from university students. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the world-renowned ambassadors and present their solutions to a global audience.

The winning solution with a real-world impact potential, and the winning team will receive $100,000 (from a $200,000 total prize), to be split between their school and the team members.

For more details and participation, please review the poster below.

Good luck!

Counseling Services Handbook is updated

Please click on the image below for the updated Counseling Handbook.

YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

Please click on the visual below for the video explaining the YKS preparation activities. (only in Turkish)

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