October 2022 Principal Newsletter

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Fall Is Upon Us

I don't know about you, but fall is my absolute favorite season. After a long, hot summer I always look forward to the cooler weather, rain, changing leaves, and relaxing evenings with family. I hope the change in seasons finds you happy and healthy. Here's to pumpkin spice lattes and a cozy blanket.

Traffic Safety Reminders

Thank you Jackson Ave Families for your diligence and cooperation during drop off and pick up each day. Together we keep Jackson Ave safe for our students.

With student safety a huge priority, I want to share some concerns I have seen or that have been brought to my attention by parents and neighbors for your consideration and cooperation. I hope we can improve drop off and pick up through our collective efforts.

Neighbors have reached out sharing concerns of blocked driveways, moved garbage cans, and parking in crosswalks and red zones.

Additionally, cars have been left unattended or effectively parked along the yellow curb in the morning waiting for the bell to ring instead of students exiting the vehicle upon arrival. This backs up our drop off line and leads to some parents choosing to drop off from Jackson Ave, which backs up traffic and is unsafe.

Our parking lot has directional arrows to help guide drivers and is scheduled for repainting. Students are to enter and exit vehicles at the sidewalk and not in the parking lot. If you park in a designated parking space, please walk your child to and from the sidewalk.

Thank you for helping us keep Jackson Ave safe for students during our busy drop off and pick up!

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We are excited to have time set aside for parent conferences the weeks of October 10-14 and October 17-21.

A reminder that we will have 1:30 (TK/K 1:10 w/ exception of Wed 1:30 release for all) dismissal October 10th-21st to help accommodate conferences; please plan accordingly.

Additionally, the day after Halloween, November 1, is a District-wide professional development day. This is a non-student day.

Halloween Is Approaching . . .

Our annual Halloween Parade is scheduled for October 31st at approx 8:45. Families are welcome to join us. Key details to help you plan:

  • Students are permitted to wear a Halloween mask during the parade, but not at other times during the school day for safety; masks are to stay in backpacks until the parade
  • Adult visitors to campus are not permitted to wear Halloween masks
  • Gory or bloody costumes/makeup are not appropriate and are not permitted
  • Replica weapons are not appropriate and are not permitted
  • Students will report to class where roll will be taken and then come out onto the blacktop/playground area similar to our Wednesday Morning Stingray Star Meetings
  • Parents will stand on the perimeter of our blacktop area as students will then walk the interior perimeter in a long parade with TK starting us off and each class joining as they pass by.
  • Once our Halloween Parade concludes, students will return to class with their teachers while adult visitors remain in place until blacktop area is cleared. Adults will then exit the gate through which they entered and gates will be secured.
  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Together We Are Stronger!

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