Homework project

Megan Smith


Brainstorming involves making up ideas for a future project or paper. We used graphic organizers to put all of our ideas on.

Revising and editing

Revising and editing means that you go over your essay and fix anything that is wrong or misspelled.

Point of view

  • Point of view is the position which in this case is an essay being read. 1st person is when a character in the story is telling the story. 3rd person is when the narrator tells the story using 3rd person pronouns such as he or she.

Types of narratives

  • Science fiction is a story based on imagined future scientific advances and major or social environmental changes. Mystery is a type of story in which a detective or someone else solves a crime or mystery. Fantasy is a story that uses magic or other supernatural elements. Time travel is a story where the character transports through time into the past or future.