Please Stop Laughing at Me...

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All of Jodee's life she has been bullied. She starts off in a school and her friends start to bully and leave her when she starts to hang out and stick up for a deaf and blind girl that goes to her school. After fifth grade is over she decides to go to a new school where she can restart. She ends up getting on of her new friends into trouble and all of her new friends start to bully her. She then moves for one last time and goes to a new high school where she stops one of her friends from being bullied and her other friends turn against her. She stays and graduates from this school and moves on to college. Years later she goes to her high school reunion and all of the bullies apologize and say they didn't realize they hurt her that much of said they didn't at all. She says “In her mind, she and her friends were just kids being kids.” page 259.

Character Analysis

Jodee is a girl that was bullied all through her life in school. She is a strong person because she can make it through all of the bullying and then afterwards go to a reunion and see her bullies all over again. She is also intelligent and caring because she was on speech team and helped out with the special ed group even when she was being bullied for helping out.

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict in Please Stop Laughing at me is character vs character. It is character vs character because she was bullied and she had to fight against them through the whole book. I think the Resolution is when she graduated high school and then went to the high school reunion and made up with her bullies.


I think the theme for Please Stop Laughing at Me is a negative mind will never give you a positive life. I think this is the theme because she needed to stay strong and positive her whole life in high school.

Textual Evidence

One scene that really jumps out to me is at the end at her reunion. This jumps out to me because her bullies say they are sorry to her and realize how much they hurt her. Also my favorite quote from the book is "I feel as though I'm floating now. The weight I've been carrying inside of me for so long has been lifted. I slowly open my eyes and smile at my former classmates sitting before me. I can finally forgive them...and myself." page 268. I like this quote because I feel like she realized she was finally done with her bullying and can let all of her anger from the bullies go away.

Quote From the Book

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Book Review

I think that Please Stop Laughing at Me deserves a four out of five star rating. I think it gets that rating because I liked the book but I thought it could get repetitive since that every school she went to she got bullied and then she would move schools. I like the book though because I thought it was good and it might help other people at their school with their bulling.

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Jodee Blanco to NOMS


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