Michelle Van

Renewable or Non-Renewable? Where is it found on Earth? How does it produce energy?

Solar Energy is renewable (meaning it is a natural resource that will never run out and we would still have a whole supply of it), solar energy is found in the sun, the sun sends out a huge supply of energy every single day.

The sun consist of mostly hydrogen and helium gas, the sun's light contains energy, the sun makes energy in its inner core, this is called nuclear fusion. Nuclear Fusion happens when one hydrogen isotopes combines with a form of helium atoms with a transformation of matter, this matter is called radiant energy.

Are there products/other uses? Who uses it now? Is it expensive?

Many people use solar energy to power many things such as heating buildings and water, it also generates electricity. Lots of houses use solar energy to heat there homes this is called space heating.

Germany is the number one country that uses the most solar power, the United States in the top 4, many people can use solar energy such as individuals, whole groups or communities.

Passive solar homes a house that use big solar panels that brings in as much sunlight as possible. I believe more houses should be passive solar homes because i think that the suns rays outside should be used, since it is renewable. Solar is worth the price, it costs 10-20 cents a kilowatt-hour to make electricity from solar cells. Most people pay 12 cents for the amount of electricity they use industrial consumers pay less.

This picture below shows a passive solar home

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