Civil War

North vs South


Abraham Lincoln was the president for the north. When he was elected as president, South Carolina (and later other states of the south) started to secede away.

Jerfferson Davis became the president of the south. He lead the Military leaders into orders and control.

Military Leaders

Even though the north had a president, Abe Linccoln, they still needed a military leader for battles. The Unions' military leader was Ulysses S. Grant.

Same with the south they also had a president, Jerfferson Davis, but they needed a military leader and his name was Robert E. Lee.


The advantages of the south were, the south though had outstanding generals and a strong military tradition that they followed. They had strong motivations that keep them going even when times were bad.

The advanteages of the north were , the north also had some advantages and disadvantages. There advantages were, they were under the leadership of Abe. Lincoln, they had a lard population. The north had more factories and industry and they controlled the shipping.


The disadvantages for the noth were, they had a week motivation and unaggressive officials. They also were far from home and owned a lot of land.

Where some of the south disadvantages were that there money was paper and it was very low in value. They had a lot less men in the army than the Union army did and they were under the leadership of Jefferson Davis.


There were a lot of resons why the Civil War started, some things were econimic diffrences. The north was based off of facotries and indestrys. They were also more educated, were the south was just mostly farmers so they were less educated.

Another one was because of the way they ran there countrys. The South wanted Fediral rights, they sould have more power over all states (dictadership). Were the North wanted the states to have limited power of the federal govnerment. (Like we have today).

They also had a disagreement of triffs or taxes. The North wanted high taxas on forgin goods, because they made their things, but the South wanted lower taxes, because there goods were shiped from Eroupe or Asia.

The most thing that people thing that set off the Civil war was the dissagrement about slaves. The North thought it was wrong to keep slaves and that every man should be created equealy. The North though was just made up of small farms that just a small family could take care of, were as the South people needed there slaves for there plantaion. No one would want to do take care of a plantaion by them selfs and there econmany was based off of them.

Genral information

The Civil war is known as the bloodiest war in history. There was brother fighting brother about other people. This war went on for 5-6 years, nonstop fighting. Over this period of time family were torn apart and sometimes never put back together. This war was known as the bloodiest war in history.