Five Useful Apps for the Classroom

Apps that can be used to enhance learning in K-12 classrooms

Google Forms

Using this app, teachers can conduct online polls, or have students answer classroom examples/questions on Google Forms so they can remain anonymous.


This app provides a beautiful interface that is able to plot functions, create tables and many more. This is can serve as an alternative to the traditional graphing calculator as it is easier to maneuver and input commands, as well as being able to create visuals like the picture to the left.

Wolfram Alpha

This source provides students with math tutorials, and has step-by-step solutions for many types of problems, giving students something that can provide them with quick, reliable and convenient assistance to their questions.


This is an online learning tool that helps with studying via online quizzing, flash cards and other games. It helps students memorize concepts, and students can customize their own set of flash cards, or easily find something that has already been made on the site.


Youtube has a large platform of videos, making it easy for teachers to show a video in class. It is easy for students to create, edit and upload their own onto Youtube. That means students can create their own video projects, as well as use Youtube to search for educational videos to aid their studies.