Pregnancy Project

Kristin hodges

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Kristin Hodges

Pregnancy project report

In the Novel based off a true story, The Pregnancy Project, by Gaby Rodriguez her senior project and will power to over come society and stereotypes connect with anatomy in many different ways. At her School in her home town Yakima, all of Gabys' peers looked down on her in assumptions she would become a teen mom because she fell within the statistics. To prove a point and her well being she decided to make her senior project a redefiance of herself and fake a pregnancy to show her classmates what she's really made of. after a long, emotional and stressful 6 months Gaby realesd her secret and shocked everyone, teaching them lessons they'll never forget.

Within the novel anatomy connects with many different aspects of Gabys teen mom lifestyle. "I had purposely been avoiding spicy foods, as well as fish with high mercury levels..." (Rodriguez 186) Acid from the spicy foods can burn you esophagus, skin, intestines as well as your stomach, and the high Mercury levels from fish can interfere with ones nervous system and even the brain. The Mercury is highly toxic and can very well mess up any pregnancy without certain precautions that need to be made. Another connection I made was the relationship between healthy eating and being pregnant and multiple times how she is trying to better her good diet for her "baby". "I made a big point with choosing lots of fruits and vegetables." (Rodriguez 160) Healthier foods have a big impact for not only the consumer but as well as the baby. Smoking and its affects with your body also relies on a successful pregnancy with a fully healthy baby. "Things like quitting smoking and dealing with cancer.". (Rodriguez 142) Smoking causes dirt and pulloution in ones lungs that kills off your cilia; Also blocks air ways that is an important to the concept of living. Blood can also effect the human body which Gaby came in contact with when a dear friends child received a bloody nose land death to follow. "...saw blood coming from his daughters nose" (Rodriguez 79) loss of blood can cause unconstiousnous and even death when dealing with large amounts. Your body needs blood to bump through your heart when you inhale and exhale also for oxygen to travel through your body. Lastly age is another anatomical review for the book. "..Girls starting to have sex even younger..." (Rodriguez 47) when there's a younger age your body needs nutrients that will help one grow each and everyday. Where some 10 years older may already have that.

This book has taught myself many lessons and opened my thought for anatomy even deeper to think within the text and be put into someone else's shoes through out the learning expirenice.
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