Happy New Year Grade 4 Families!

News From Our Online Learning Community January 2016

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Happy New Years Grade 4 Families!

Happy 2016 Wonderful Grade 4 Families!

I am so excited to welcome you and your grade 4 child back to our caring learning online community for 2016. I hope you had a restful and joyous holiday. I want to thank all of you again for your generous, thoughtful and kind gifts. Of course the privilege of being part of your child's learning journey is always my favourite gift of all and I thank you for the support you have given to all the children in our happy busy classroom throughout the first term.

I had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends, eating delicious and rich food, ringing the bells for Salvation Army Kettle Drive, attending Christmas concerts, shoveling the snow for an ill and elderly neighbour and lots of green-scape walks with my dog Esme. I must admit hosting a family party for Star Wars The Force Awakens at the VIP Cineplex was this nerdy sci-fi fan's most exciting and memorable holiday experience. The rating for the movie is PG-13 and some parents may wish to check this Movie Rating Link before deciding to bring their younger children to the movie. Also I would recommend viewing the first three Star Wars movies prior to viewing The Force Awakens. I look forward to finding out about your family holiday adventures through student journals and Daily News!

Of course over the holiday I planned exciting learning opportunities for my wonderful Grade 4 learners. In the New Year, I will be supporting your child to begin some new engaging learning inquiries. We will be starting Literature Circles - A Guided Book Club for Kids (Due March 9th, 2016), Science Reports- Diary of a Rock (Due January 27th, 2016), and If I Had a Million Dollars Financial Literacy Mathematics Investigation (Due April 27th, 2016) as well as a Genius Hour Independent Study beginning mid February and will be due in June 2016 for presentation to the class.

Meanwhile for the Month of January we will be completing our Science Unit on Light and Sound, Social Studies Unit on Canadian Regions and Natural Resources, survey and data collection skills as well as patterning skills in Mathematics, and continuing to improve reading and writing learning skills in all subject areas daily. The next newsletter will be a co-created teacher/student publication coming your way in late February via Class Dojo Class Story. As always if you have any questions about your child's learning or school day please do not hesitate to contact me at school. I have provided contact information at the end of the this newsletter.

Ms. K. Clarke

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Field Trip Reminder: Skating Trip January 26th, 2016

Parents and students are reminded of our 2nd Skating Trip for January 26th, 2016. Many students found it helpful to have an extra dry warm pair of gloves/mittens and socks tucked away in the back pack along with a water bottle and snack. As we are walking, students must wear comfortable safe winter boots to school, layers, proper winter coat, hat, scarf and mittens...if it's raining a rain poncho or umbrella is advisable. Parent volunteers are welcome to join us for the walk and to help out with skate shoelace tying and may also wish to bring their skates as well. I will be transporting helmets and skates in labeled bags to the skating rink in my car and Mrs. Prasad will be walking our class to the skating rink. Thank you for supporting your child's participation in this wonderful trip!

How may I find out about my child's day and homework?

Ms. Clarke, Grade 4 Teacher, Vista Heights Public School.

I have been a proud Peel Elementary Teacher since 1998. My two key mottos are "Be kinder than is necessary!" and "Better late than never, but it's best to be on time!" I am building my class website and will inform you through Class Dojo Messenger when it will be live.

Please contact me at the school at any time you may have questions about your child's learning day. Email communication is strictly for assignment, homework and event information only. If you have questions or concerns about your child's learning or health needs please phone me at the school or send a brief note with your child. All requests for contact will be responded to within 48 hours.

Thank you Ms. Clarke