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Welcome Back...2nd Quarter Has Begun!

We have officially started our second quarter! It has been a busy week trying to get back into the groove after having a week of relaxation and fun. However, we championed through and worked hard. We look forward to another week of exciting learning!

ELA: This week we looked closely at how to find the main idea in nonfiction text. We also focused on being able to prove that it is the most important part of the text by finding supporting details. We did a variety of activities to work on this skill. We did centers this week and students rotated between the following 6 centers: Read to Self (they read a social studies chapter on landforms), ELA games (students played a game that focused on turning singular nouns into plural nouns), Small Group (I lead a group through strategies of finding main idea/supporting details), Task Cards (students read through short paragraphs to find the main idea), Computers (students worked on grammar skills), and Writing (students worked on their TIDE writing on their own). Next week we will finish up main idea and begin working on cause and effect and connecting it with science.

In language arts, we worked on verbs and the steps to find verbs. We also were introduced to both adjectives and adverbs. Next week we will be learning about verb phrases and tenses.

Social Studies: This week we worked on better understanding intermediate directions. We also looked more closely and a map key and specifically learned how to use a map scale. Next week we will be reading about landforms and the waters of the earth.

Math: This week we worked on adding and subtracting with regrouping. Please continue working on this at home with your student! Let me know if you would like additional resources to help with your work at home!

Science: This week we worked on plants and their parts and life cycle.

Mrs. Mankin and Mrs. Merriman


Important Dates

Tuesday, October 18 Parent Teacher Conferences from 4-7

Friday, October 21 Read in the Schools Day

Friday, October 21 ROAR Party

Thursday, October 27 Early Dismissal

Related Arts Schedule Next Week:


Merriman: Library

Mankin: Art


Merriman: Art

Mankin: PE


Merriman: PE

Mankin: Music


Merriman: Music

Mankin: Guidance


Merriman: ROAR PARTY!