Mystery and Thriller

By Brighid H. and Kenzie C.

What is the genre of Mystery/Thriller?

The definition of mystery is:

1. Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain

2. A novel, play, or movie dealing with a puzzling crime, for example, a murder

The definition of thriller is:

1. A novel, play, or movie with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage

What makes a book a mystery?

1. In mystery writing, plot is everything

2. Introduce the detective early on

3. Introduce the crime within the first three chapters of the novel

4. The crime should be sufficiently violent or serious

5. The crime should be believable

6. The detective should solve the case using only rational and scientific methods

7. The culprit should be capable of committing the crime

What makes a book a thriller?

1. It needs to have a good story line

2. The story should be written about the underdog

3. The pacing must be high

4. Some of the characters should be miserable

5. The main characters should change in some way

6. Early on, it should be made clear what the protagonist wants and what he/she fears

7. Thriller novels always use showing, not telling

Examples of Mysteries & Thrillers