Integumentary System

Alix Tessier P.5

What are the five systems functions?

The five systems functions are:

  1. Acts as a receptor for touch, pressure, pain, heat and cold
  2. Regulates the temperature in the body
  3. Protects the body against dehydration, sunburns, infection and other problems like that
  4. Generates vitamin D through exposure to ultraviolet light
  5. Store water, fat and vitamin D

What is the system's organ tissue ???

What is a system's organ tissue ???

I will show you two layers of the skin tissue:

Epidermis and Dermis.


The Epidermis is the first layer, and the Epidermis also has layers! The first layers

is dead skin cells called the "Startum Corneum", and the last layer produces more cells by undergoing continuous cell division called the "Startum Germinativum". The Epidermis protects us, but it is slightly acidic.It is also made of epithelial cells with no blood (and avascular).

Important Fact

About 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells take off of our skin PER MINUTE!


The Dermis is the second layer and it is a true skin made of connective tissue (it is vascular).

It does a lot of things such as :

Contains lots of sensory cells (heat, cold, pain and pressure)

Blood vessels regulate the body's temperature (expand or contract)

Has sebaceous glands to lubricate, protecte and make the skin waterproof

Also has sweat glands (cools, protects) and Colagen and Elastin to immune the cells

Three injuries for this system...