1st Grade Science

Hands-on, minds-on activities

a few highlights...

Dear First Grade Parents,

Your students have been busy since the first day in the science room. Hopefully, the yellow acid/base indicator paper made it home and you were able to see your child’s “secret” message.

We have started to learn about seeds and flowers. The children dissected a bean seed and discovered the seed coat, food storage and the embryo. We labeled the seeds in our journal. We also planted seeds in our glove gardens that are now hanging in the classroom. We planted carrots, beans, peas, lettuce and radishes. The children have recorded the data in their journals by drawing pictures and writing observations.

We discovered that seeds travel by wind and water, by popping and dropping, hitchhiking and by animals carrying and burying them. The children were amused to see the rhinoceros pooping in a video, but sure enough plants were growing in the poop.

Later, we will dissect flowers and learn the parts of the plants. We look forward to our seed trip on the 21st to Lakeshore Park. I was asked about rain boots for the hike- these are fine ;-)

SUPER SCIENCE SATURDAY- OCTOBER 24th 9-12 Our high school students plan and teach lessons to our younger students. Don't let your child miss out on this annual highlight. Flyers went home today.

Carpe Diem!

Diana Matthews

Elementary Science Educator

Seed Party!

The seed unit will culminate with a seed party:

Mrs Gallant’s class- Monday, October 26th

Mrs. Hobart’s and Mrs. Rubin’s classes- Tuesday, October 27th

Mrs. Tiano’s class- Wednesday, October 28th

more details to come...