Join the Carnival

Support your local NCHS Speech and Debate Team

There's no debate about it.

This is the event of the summer! Come celebrate our past successes and help us achieve them once again in the new year! This day long carnival is our way of saying thank you to all that helped us throughout the year, and to raise funds so we can have another fantastic season. Have fun, play games, win prizes, and enjoy a BBQ. The more fun you have the more we'll be able to raise to support our amazing team! Great for families and friends of all ages no one will regret spending the day with us. Stay for the day or just for one game you'll be helping us compete, win, and succeed. Our speech and debate team prepares us for the future. Please come and join us!

Funding with Friends

Saturday, July 6th 2013 at 1-6pm

951 South Jefferson Street

Casper, WY

Stay for the day, stay for an hour, or just donate! No matter what you choose we'll be here!

Entrance Fees:

$6.00 Adult

$4.00 Child

$4.00 Senior

All proceeds go to meets, supplies, and books!

All games and drawings will have separate fees. All prizes have been donated and sponsors will be thanked at the event.

What We'll be doing

Our day begins at 1:00pm! We'll start the grill, the games, and the raffles! Enjoy yourself. Kids will love the "What's in the box?" Guessing game, adults will love the golf ball throw, and everyone loves a hot cheeseburger fresh off the grill!

Raffle drawings will be announced throughout the day! Don't worry though. You can still win even if you don't stay. Our raffles include a regular raffle, a reverse raffle, and a balloon raffle.

Games will vary depending on weather and number of volunteers! We promise there will be something for everyone no matter what!

At 4:00pm it's time for some announcements! Of course we must give out our sincerest thanks as well as explain what's ahead for our team! If you'd like to know what we're all about definitely stay for this part!

At 5:00pm We'll pop the balloons in our balloon raffle, and how about a mock debate and interp show? You'll get to see us in action, and know exactly why we need your support!

At 6:00pm it's time for goodbyes. We thank you all for coming.

Hope you can come and enjoy the fun!

We Are the Future

NCHS Debate team creates leaders and well rounded individuals that contribute to their society and help to make a difference in the world. Our participants not only debate, but also compete in events such as poetry, humor, and duet. We travel around the country, and even compete nationally. It takes a special kind of student to compete on the NCHS team. A GPA of 3.5 must be upheld as well as a good attitude in and around the school. Our muscles our not in our arms. They're in our brains. They fuel us to become the best we can be. Help us make our future dreams come true.

For Any questions, would like to learn more about our school, or if you'd like to volunteer please contact

Kaitlin Slagle