Trojan Update

April 11th, 2016

Busy and Exciting Times at PHS!

Hard to get a moment to catch our breath as life at Petaluma High hums along! A team of students is competing this weekend in Anaheim at the HOSA State Conference; our band and choir programs are wrapping up a five day visit to the toddlin' town of Chicago, taking in the blues and performing all over the city; our SkillsUSA team returned from the state competition last week with medals galore (see article below); our Top Ten students by grade were recognized last Tuesday at the 57th Herold Mahoney Community Achievement Awards where their sponsors offered financial support for the fall at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley and many more; Every 15 Minutes was presented to the student body (article below); our yearbook program was honored (article below); our Students in Spaceflight group watched their micro-gravity experiment successfully launch into space, arriving at the Space Station Sunday morning; our baseball, lacrosse, softball, swimming, track and field, golf and badminton squads are deep into league play; and most importantly, the teachers are teaching and the students are learning. And we even found time to hang a few new banners in the gym!

As always, it's a pleasure to have the opportunity to watch your kids grow, learn and perform. Please checkout the specifics below. Hope to see you at an event soon.

Every 15 Minutes Program Comes to PHS

Last week, in collaboration with the California Office of Traffic Safety, Petaluma police and fire crews, the California Highway Patrol, PHS administration, Sonoma County Sheriff's Office, Sonoma County Superior Court, and Kaiser Permanente, the Every 15 Minutes program was presented to the student body. The program simulates a tragedy brought on by impaired driving, focusing on the perils of driving while drinking or high, or while distracted by texting or talking on the phone. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Per mile driven, drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash.

Twenty PHS students have been working on the program, filming the simulation in preparation. Then last Monday, at the "crash site" at Broadway and Bassett, the student body watched as the participants were extricated from the vehicles and taken via police car, ambulance, or helicopter to local services. Notifications take place throughout the school day every 15 minutes, simulating the data point that a life is lost to impaired driving every 15 minutes.

The second part of the two-day assembly occurred Tuesday with a mock funeral. Students gathered inside the gym as parents of the participating students and loved ones of those involved in the mock crash came forward to read letters to one another. Jon Sloat of the CHP and Chief Patrick Williams of the PPD joined Mr. Stirrat in speaking with the students about life and death choices and avoiding risk. A huge thanks to the staff at PHS for their support and the work of retired PPD officer Matt Thomas and the many area public service agencies that contributed time and support for this important program.

iPad Collection Coming Soon

As we near the end of the first year of the iPad program, we want to remind everyone that iPad collection is slated for mid May, starting first with seniors and then with the 9th, 10th and 11th graders. As we get into May, we will send out more specifics.

Documentary Film "Screenagers" Coming to PHS 4/25/16

Coming in two weeks to Petaluma High is an opportunity to view a new documentary film about kids and screen time. “Screenagers” is a personal look at how families are coping with kids and screen time. The film was directed by Delaney Ruston, a Seattle filmmaker and physician who uses her own experience with her children as the central storyline. In the film, Ruston’s 12-year-old daughter, Tessa, is on the brink of getting her first smart phone. Ruston’s son Chase, 14, is hooked on video games. But “Screenagers” doesn’t just present the problem without attempting to impart some solutions. There are inspiring kids and educators in the film who recognize when to say when. The distraction is real, but the film offers tips for parents to set guidelines for their kids.

Join us for the film and some popcorn at 7PM on Monday, April 25th in the PHS Multi Use Room. After the 67 minute film, stay to discuss screen time, iPads and how we can work together on these issues.

SCREENAGERS (Official Trailer)

PHS Yearbook Honored in Jostens "Look Book"

Each year, Jostens, the yearbook company that PHS work with, selects excellent yearbooks from around the nation for its "Look Book," exemplars that can used by teachers around the country. Jostens sends the Look Book out to 12,000 high schools around the country and we are proud that Petaluma High has been selected in such elite company.

Congratulations to all the yearbook staff and to Chris Jones for his excellence in advising, layout, and graphics!

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Algae in Space! PHS students cheer successful launch...

The micro-gravity algae made it into space this time! After the explosion of the previous attempt last year, PHS students crowded into the multi use room to watch SpaceX return to flight nine months after one was lost in a launch failure. This time, all went well and the students' experiment is now just arriving at the Space Station (Sunday morning delivery). As a bonus, the Falcon 9 booster stuck its first landing of a on a ship at sea.

Below is a KTVU news story on the student work, and a link to the launch itself.

Way to go, PHS science, Ms. Judah, and all the students, past and present who contributed to this success.

PHS SSEP News Update
SpaceX Mission Launches to Re supply the ISS


Open House April 21st

Don't forget to mark your calendars for Open House coming up on April 21st. This is a time to visit your child's class and check in on the year's work. In addition, the science department will feature student portfolios in the F-Wing (F15 and F16) as well as a review of the work done by the Marine Science students (F11) and the Students in SpaceFlight (F13).

The Art Department will feature student work in an exhibition of work in the Multi Use Room (with Fine Arts Day to follow on Friday so that all our students can see the art!)

We hope to have some clubs representing their work out in the quad. They may be offering light desserts for sale. We hope to see you on April 21st!



April 11..............Staff Meeting
April 12..........Project Grad Mtg
April 14..........Delegate Mtg; End of Grading Period; Site Council Mtg

April 13 + 14th ......CAASPP - Math Computer Adaptive Test

April 15 + 18th......CAASPP Math Performance Task

April 15 + 18th.....CAASPP 10th Grade Science

April 16 - 19..........State FFA Competition

April 18..........Trojan Connections; Athletic Boosters Mtg

April 19 + 20th.....CAASPP English Computer Adaptive Test

April 21 + 22nd.....CAASPP English Performance Task


April 22 - 23, 28 - 30..........The Little Mermaid Drama Production

April 22..........Fine Arts Day

April 25.........SCREENAGERS Documentary Film in MultiUse Room @ 7PM

April 26 + 28th.......Make up Testing
April 27..........Westside Band Competition
April 28-29..........PowderPuff Competition

The Arts at Aqus!

Jae Tillinghast and Alan Barnes have an art show up at Aqus Cafe featuring student work. The show will be up most of April so drop by and check it out. The show includes AP Art students, Art Two students and a few choice pieces from the photography students. They will also run Fine Arts Day simultaneous with Open House (evening of April 21st and the day of April 22nd). See the fineness of art!

Kiss a Senior Goodbye!

Looking for a way to say goodbye to this years seniors? Well you're in luck! The junior class this year is organizing a fundraiser called "Kiss and Hug a Senior Goodbye!" You can choose to send either 5 Hershey's Hugs or 5 Hershey's Kisses in a package with a personalized tag. Each one is $1 and will be delivered to the seniors of your choice while they're in class. If you're interested, please fill out the following form and bring your payment into the office. If you're sending more than one, please fill out one form per senior. Thank you!

-Sarah Jane Catarozoli (Junior Class President)

Don't miss Troy Performers and the production of The Little Mermaid - details below!

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PHS Wildlife Museum Pasta Dinner

A wonderful evening at PHS two Saturdays ago! The museum was open and hundreds of parents, students, and community member wandered through to admire to new reptile exhibit and recently mounted displays. Then many ambled over to the multi for a pasta dinner and auction. Thanks to all the students who planned the evening, to Jordan James and Kim Arntz and the Petaluma Museum Board. Great job!
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The Math PLC last Wednesday: This is how we do it!

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Some of the Ladies of Math, Showing their PHS Pride!

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PHS Students Shine at Community Achievement Awards

The 57th Annual Herold Mahoney Achievement Awards was a proud night for many parents celebrating the Top 10 achievements of their children. It was also a night of validation for the student work at PHS as the audience listened to the remarkable list of accomplishments these students have already achieved. The event included members of the PCS school board, the superintendent, business and community leaders, and hundreds of others recognizing PHS, Casa and St Vincent's student Top Tens. PHS sophomores and juniors were recognized first, before each Top Ten senior was announced. This year, our seniors are: Leland Shimuzu, Mireya Arango, Ryan Statz, Ryan Cardiff, Edden Yashar, Austin Longerbeam, Kelly D'Ambrogia, Madison Crum, Alyssa Deely, and Emma Kuykendall. In the fall, they are headed for the best universities in the country - Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, Cal Poly, USC and many others. More to come on all our students and where they are headed in future updates.

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Summer School @ Petaluma HIgh

Summer school will be held at PHS this summer. We will be using rooms in the C-wing and several science rooms. Summer School begins on June 20 and runs until July 22. Debi Richardson (PHS) and Nikki Samuel (Casa) will be principals this year. For more information on summer school, please contact your counselor.

SkillsUSA Brings Home the Medals!

Chris Jones has been busy winning accolades in Yearbook but his work with SkillsUSA is clicking on all cylinders too. A team competed at the state championships last week in Southern California. Nathan Irwin won a gold medal in technical drafting, Rosanely Alvarez a gold in Introduction to Drafting, Nathan Wong a silver in technical drafting and the team of Tessa Irwin, Diana Trueblood, Sarah Graham and Matthew Kalemba a bronze in broadcast news production.

Now Nathan Irwin heads for the national competition in Louisville. Well done everyone!

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