A Smashing Instrument Family Movie

Creating movies about instrument families.


To learn about classifying instruments into families and WHY the instruments belong to each family. It is a "smashing" project because you will be using the products from multiple iPad apps and "Smashing" them into one final product. That is referred to as "app smashing."


Create an iMovie about an assigned instrument family. Include as many instruments as possible and WHY the instruments belong to your assigned family. Get creative and add fun facts about your instrument or family. Feel free to use the iPad for research. See Mrs. Moore for approved research sites.


Research FIRST and take notes on your information. Be sure to find some fun facts about your instruments and family as well as what your instruments are and why they belong to your family.

Once you know know which instruments are in your family and why they belong there, you will create small movie clips for each instrument using the iPad apps "Tellagami" and "Chatterpix."

After completing each short video upload the video to the iPad camera roll. In the iPad camera roll album, create an album for your group with all of your names as the title. Put all of the completed small videos into your group album. Make sure each member of your group creates at LEAST 1"Tellagami" and 1 "Chatterpix" video. Do your best to use different instruments that belong to your family for each one of your short video clips.

Once completed, use iMovie to put those small movie clips together into one longer movie about your family. Feel free to add background music and themes... get creative and have fun!! Your iMovie should include...

  • A title slide with the title of your movie.
  • Remember to include all of your shorter video clips, feel free to edit them. You should have a minimum of 2 shirt video clips per person in your group.
  • A closing slide with the names of everyone in your group.

Once you have completed your iMovie me know. I will be uploading them to a class page to display all of our final products together. Be prepared to present your video to the class.

Once the project is completed, you will complete a group learning self-evaluation.


You will have 3 class periods to complete this project, use your time wisely!

Rubric for your project

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Group and self assessment to complete at the end of the project

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