Children At Work

Vicki Goldberg

The jobs

Children worked days and even nights to help support their families. They often worked in dangerous situations. Such as, selling newspapers on the street, working in assembly lines, or digging in the field. Little girls also had to work in factories.

School is a necessity!

Many children during the early 1900's did not go to school! They were forced to work, and do the job of a grown man. They were not allowed to experience a real childhood. They had to grow up quite fast.


Photography is a great way to keep people united and really let people know what is going on. Hines’s photos made a great impact, with his harsh, direct, sometimes brutal images. Rather then capture the prettying up or sentimentalizing poverty, he captured every bit of clutter, rubbish and grit, every peeling wall, overcrowded bed and tattered garment.
U.S. Child Labor, 1908-1920

Serious Matter

You think we have it hard? Ya right! Many children lost there lives, not just figuratively but also literally. They had no play time. Many of these unfortunate kids didn't get to go to school and didn't know their ABC's. Can you imagine getting up in the morning when the sun comes up. Only to go to sleep when it sets again, but only being 5 years old! So the next time you say "oh my life sucks." Remember to just be grateful you don't have to work full time. And next time you skip school remember your lucky to be getting an education in the first place .

When and Where

Child labor took place in the early 1900's. But i'm sure it was going on long before. But good thing they passed laws to stop child labor. It look place all over America. It is still happening in some country's.


Primer- basic reading textbook: a book used to teach young children to read, usually containing simple stories

Daguerreotypes- early photographic process: an early photographic process in which an image was produced on a light-sensitive silver or silver-coated plate and developed in mercury vapor

Sensationalize- exaggerate details of something: to place excessive emphasis on the most shocking and emotive aspects of a subject

Indefatigable- untiring: never showing any sign of getting tired or of relaxing an effort

Cumulative- Basic reading textbook: a book used to teach young children to read, usually containing simple stories

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