By:Colin, Jaylon, Tj


Mesopotamia has two rivers, Tigiris and Euphrates. They also had rich farmland called the fertile crescent. The rivers made trade easy.


They would use to rise and fall to determine the amount of rainfall. The rivers flooded without warning. People in Mesopotamia built canals to control it.

Written language

They made the World's first writing system called Cuneiform. They made it to record, communicate, and write down history. Also used clay tablets and a stylus to write with

Political systems

In Mesopotamia they had kings as there rulers. They used a social hiearchy to rank people by wealth and there job. Sargon one of the kings established the first empire. Hammurabi was the first king to write down laws.


They made the plow and the wheel. Also they made ziggurats, and made catalouges of animals and plants. They made medichine out of plants. They mades statues and epics, one of them is caklled gilgamesh which is one of the longest in the World.


In Mesopotamia the people belived in Judaism. That religion was polytheisthic, which means they worshiped one god.Before Judaism was created they believed in many gods.