News on the New Kingdom

Since 1550 B.C.

What is in the Pyramids?

I don't know why the pyramid took so long to be built, they are just triangles. I have interviewed an architect who was building the pyramid had told me that it was the tomb for Pharaoh Khufu. He also told me that the gold on top of the Pyramid would reflect the sun's rays and will be beautiful. I have heard the gossip of Khufu's heir also had a pyramid. The wife of Khufu will also have a pyramid. How much do you think a pyramid like that costs, I might want to get one for myself.

What Happened to the Oldies?

When the old kingdom came to an end they left the pyramids which took forever to build and represent Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaure. This fall led to the Hyksos conquering and another noble pharaoh taking the throne. We are now at the craziest pharaoh Hatshepsut some might think she is crazy others believe she is not. I believe that she is standing up for women's rights and I really love this yellow fruit but I keep slipping on the peel. As time progresses many things have changed but we still have the past of our elders, who mad Egypt what it is today.

Cartoons of the Latest do's.


Who does this lady think she is? Yeah her father might have said she could pharaoh but he just loved his little cutie to much to tell her the truth. She is not a pharaoh. Tutmose the Third is suppose to be pharaoh. Wait until he finds out. And what up with the fake beard, we all know you're nothing but a woman. Bananas can't fill in for that.
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Tutmose the third found out that he was suppose to be pharaoh and has ordered all of his step moms statues to be destroyed!!!!! AHHHH!! All that time and money went to waste, but he died so its Ramses turn to take the throne!! Yeah! hope he is better then the previous pharaohs
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Hieroglyphic Time!!

There is a new hieroglyphic school for boys, and only boys! The cost of each class will cost two bushels of Wheat per child. We will have two teachers in a class and about 12 students per class. This school only has five spots left. Hurry, first pay first taught!
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Who Wants to Be a Farmer?

Farmers to much work and are underpaid. We work and work and work, and the nile is not always the friendliest. Are work is never done we have to feed the whole city even when the nile is flooding we have to make sure to supple enough food. When the pyramids were being built we had to move the blocks and build them. We do not get paid much at all. We need to be paid more. (From all farmers)
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Job Alert!

Does your wife need you to get a job? Well we got you covered.

We are looking for a farmer in the delta near Thebes.

Need a scribe to teach boys in the Hieroglyphics school for boys.

Need a merchant to sell Pyrahats for a dollar.

Need a servant for pharaoh Rameses.

Need any of these jobs 3 toots and a howl!

Need something?

There is a farm that sells livestock, they sell camels, cows, pigs, and even chickens. They currently have a camel on sale for three bushels of Barley. This Camels can give you transportation, meat, and makes great company if you are a widow. Animals and a farm for 70 gold coins.
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Need someone to mummify you or your families bodies. Then just yell mummy. Not your mom but a mummy. Contact them to receive and sign your death contract. If you contact us now we will give you a free amulet in your death tomb.
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Comments From Our Commoners

I think that it is complete insanity how I am a 12 year old girl who has to marry 30 year old man, and he is not even cute! He now has me working as a cleaning lady in his house as if I am his slave! -12 year old Yasmine

I am a boy who used to live with his parents. I am only 9 years old and they already sold me to a woman to work as her slave. Don't they have child labor laws, NOPE! Now I have to fold her underwear every day! - 9 year old Rami

There were more comments but they were banned by Pharaoh. We want freedom of speech!