David Gianulias


David Gianulias: The Secret to Making Amazing Wine

Wine has a long history that spans across the world. David Gianulias comes from a long line of Greek wine makers. He’s a third generation homebuilder who grew up sampling his family’s homemade wine. The Gianulias family recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. It is just now becoming a brand the public is beginning to recognize. The Gianulias family opened Levendi Winery in 2003 and has made an assortment of delightful, award winning wines that are widely distributed today. David learned early in life that the secret to making amazing wine is multifaceted. He loves the challenges that being in the beverage business bring and the creativeness that comes out through wine making.

Award winning wine is often the result of a knowledgeable winemaker. A vintner, or wine maker, should understand the differences between species of grapes and should be able to combine flavors in order to create a fragrant and delicious wine. A good vintner understands the history of wine making and has a working knowledge of a wide array of techniques and practices. A great wine is almost always hinged on a winemaker’s skill set.

Amazing wines are often made from a recipe that has been passed down for many generations. These long standing recipes have been perfected over time and vintage a delectable, traditional wine. People have been and will be making and enjoying wine for centuries and centuries to come. Many families pass down the tradition of wine making, and share special secret recipes that most often craft the greatest of wines.

A winemaker who regularly produces phenomenal wines is willing to get creative with his or her recipe and method. Experimenting with flavors can often result in the creation of unique new out of pure serendipity. David Gianulias has all the qualities to create wines that carry on the traditions of his family recipes, and award winning wines that have unique flavors and fragrances.