More than Just School

Computer Tech is used for so much more

The Wrong Idea

Most people have the idea that while they have to take a computer tech class in school, they'll never need to use those skills. That's the wrong idea! Computers are used everywhere for everything. You're going to use them for something, so you'd better learn now. Below are just a few ways that you will use the things you learn in a computer tech class.

Here are some specific examples:

Prezis are great for school presentations, but it's also a creative way to to presentations at work. You can also add your own pictures for a fun family show. They're great for businesses, telling stories, and explaining your ideas in any situation.

Spreadsheets are great for things like long lists of employees and their hours, schedules for large events or itineraries, and comparing information on different products you're thinking about buying. You can also make a graph of your information to explain it easily to others.

There is always some controversy about which operating system is best. In computer tech, you have a chance to research and get information about each. When you have all the facts, shopping for a computer will be a piece of cake.

So what do you think?

This class is usefull for many reasons.

In a computer tech class, you learn many valuable skills that will help for for school, work, and your everyday life. The things you learn are so applicable, you'll use them in almost any situation. Hopefully this flyer helped you understand that you're always going to need computers. Computer tech just helps you know how to use them!