ENSC Weekly Notes

April 7, 2014

Welcome Back To School

I hope you all were able to take a few days to relax and do something fun during break last week. I know we had many days off this winter; however, a planned break is much more relaxing than unplanned snow days.

It is going to be nice for the school routine to return tomorrow. Thank you all for making the added hour per day go smoothly for our students. I am sure they will be happy it is over; however, our little ones will most likely miss their afternoon snack.

Testing, Testing, Testing

We are entering the time of testing, testing, and more testing. ISTEP is just around the corner along with End of Course Assessments and AP exams. Most everyone comments about the stress for students and the positive routines they should follow during testing times. I also know it is stressful for staff members. So, make sure you get a good breakfast, plenty of sleep, and relax. You have all worked very hard all school year to ensure students receive the best possible support they need to be successful. The kids will do fine. You will do fine. ENSC will be fine.

Retirement - Teacher of the Year Dinner

Mark your calendars for this year's Retirement - Teacher of the Year dinner:

Wednesday, May 21 at North Side Elementary School.

Have a Great Week!