9 Elements of Digital Citizenship!

Created by: Jordan Amlen

Digital Literacy!

Think; have you ever done anything online or digitally? If your answer is yes, then you have experienced digital literacy! The actual definition of digital literacy is is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors used in a broad range of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs, all of which are seen as network rather than computing devices. If you have ever partook in digital literacy, then you probably know that there are a lot of things to remember while being in the online world. The next few topics are an expansion of these things to remember and have knowledge of while being online. The diagram below shows the different components of digital literacy.

Digital Etiquette!

Digital etiquette means to behave online and have manners while being online. Examples of digital etiquette include refraining from cyber bullying and teasing in the online world. A good thing to remember is that it is just as important to have manners online as it is to have manners offline. So if you wouldn't say it- don't type it! It is just as important to have manners online as it is to have manners offline. Digital etiquette is also known as netiquette!

Digital Laws!

Digital law is like laws that we have on the internet. Such things that are considered digital law include not plagiarizing someone else's work, or hacking other peoples websites or social media accounts. If everyone on the internet uses these usage laws on the internet, it would make the online world a more safe and fun place for everyone. Digital law prevents many hazards, and the four main hazards include copyright, privacy, ethical issues, and privacy online.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities!

Digital rights and responsibilities are rights that you have in the online world such as freedom to do what you want. This includes posting what you want. Just remember, that even though you can, doesn't mean you shouldn't. So, you can be mean to someone and make fun of them on social media, but just because you can do that, doesn't mean you should. Doing the right thing online is also known as online responsibility. Just like you have responsibilities in school, you have major responsibilities online.

Digital Commerce!

Have you ever bought anything on Amazon or Ebay? Or even just bought anything online? Well then you have experienced digital commerce. Digital Commerce is when you buy or sell something online. Digital commerce has helped expand the buying and selling of goods throughout the world because i has allowed us to get things from other parts of the world with just a click of a button.

Digital Communication!

Digital communication is when you communicate with others online. Have you ever sent an email, text, or left someone a voicemail? Well then you have communicated through technology or digitally. Digital communication also includes data transmission or digital transmission. Digital communication has helped to evolve our world because we are now able to communicate with people around the world. It keeps us all connected.

Digital Health and Wellness!

Have you ever stared at the computer screen so long that your eyes hurt or you get a headache? Well that is an example of digital health and wellness. To maintain great digital wellness and health, you should limit your usage time on technology. Instead, read a book or go play outside. Have a life outside of the internet. But, while using technology you can also improve your health and wellness such as having great sitting posture while on the computer.
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Digital Access!

Think; do you have a computer or phone? Do you have any place that you can use any type of digital device? If so, then you have digital access. Digital access on the internet is when you have access to be on the internet, and that everyone has the opportunity to go on the internet. Most schools in Irvine are fortunate to actually have the opportunity to have all students have digital access, but some kids in other parts of the world don't have that kind of luxury. If you have digital access be thankful!
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The list is on the percentages of different countries and their digital access!

Digital Security!

Security online is very important. Digital security includes having a social media account that doesn't get hacked. It can also mean that you have privacy on the internet, and that your personal information is not shared with others. Would you like it if your address was out on the internet for everyone to see? Probably not. To make sure that you have security of your personal information, never post or submit your information in any form. Also, don't ever share other's personal information without their permission. Today, digital security is a major concern from individuals to companies to governments.