A tidbit about Alexander McDermott

P.S. I prefer to be called by Alex

The Beloved High School I attended

Waipahu High School, although under-rated by other high schools, is quite well-staffed and has one of the widest variety of classes among all high schools for a variety of possible careers to branch off from.

Local, and yet not Local.

I was born in Yokosuka, Japan in 1995, in 1999 my parents moved to Hawaii, and ever since then I've lived on Hawaii. I've lived on Military Base housing in Salt lake and in the Houses in Royal Kunia.

Some of my Hobbies

My Degree major in mind

Either Computer Science, Networking or Electrical Engineering

After Leeward?

My plans are unusual, I'm planning on joining the military either after this semester, or the next semester, I feel that I can find myself better in the military than in college, and it'll cost me nothing, and give me money, experience and hopefully a goal.