Reduce, reuse, recycle


Identify the problem

Global warming

- Global warming is phenomenon that rising of Earth's average temperature. It causes because of overuse of carbon dioxide. As the Earth's temperature goes up, many icebergs are melting so that sea level changed. It is dangerous to people who live in near the ocean, or islands because all the small islands in pacific ocean are sinking now. Global warming makes extinction of animals and plants, such as penguins and polar bears. Not only that, even natural disasters will be more powerful and some countries will change to desert. To solve this problem, we have to decrease the green gas exhaustion. Also we have to plant many trees and preserve place like amazon, which have a lot of tree. So that we have to recycle papers not wasting.


Process to make the paper & cardboard

1. Cut the trees and peel the skin of trees

2. Cut the it into several pieces and blend it

3. Bleach it under the sun

4. Mix it with some chemicals

5. Dry it by pressing

6. Wind it to cut comfortably.

Process to make the paper & cardboard

>> explain the process of transforming used paper into recycled paper
>> show some excellent examples of chair designs
>> explore the idea of and find information about how to make a chair out of cardboard and paper
>> explain how you developed you skills by making papercraft models
>> create a knife safety poster and include in your report

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>> My client is my mom she likes to sit on the chair which have armrest, also she like to sit on comfortable chair.
>> I've asked my mom about my 3 chair designs, and she like it. The most chair design that she liked is first design, because it is not too high, or not too low and it includes arm rest. She didn't like chair design 2 and 3 because design 2 is too high to make by cardboard, and design 3 is too long so that she don't like it.

Design brief

All section from design cycle

Design specification

>> must be made of recycled cardboard and paper
>> must support the weight of your client

>> must be fit to client (size)


>> the product will be tested on Monday 20th May by the client
>> the client will provide feedback about the product and the questionnaire I will provide will be directly linked to the design specification