Samuel Adams

The father of American Independence

Samuel Adams helped America become independent from Britian by leading the rebellion against the king.

How did Samuel Adams become a great leader? How did this make him a rebel?

Adams was born on September 27,1722, into a family of 12 with his parents being very strict Puritans. His dad owned a family ran brewery and his mom didn't work and stayed home with the kids like all the women did in this time period. He went to Dame school at 6 and learned the basics. He then went on to attend at Boston Latin school at 7, and learned ancient languages. During this time his family's' home was always in danger of being taken by the British government. So Samuel developed early hatred for the mother country. Around this age Samuel would often listen in on his dad debating politics at the kitchen table with his dads' friends. He quickly knew that politics is what he wanted to do, not ministry, like his parents had insisted. Only 3/12 siblings that he had (including him) lived to be 3. This taught Samuel that you only have one chance at life, don't waste it. He attended Harvard at the age of 14, and studied history and politics. He graduated with a Masters in Art in 1743. He wrote a graduation speech about rebelling against unjust governments in 1743. Then he entered private business. His father provided him with about $1000 to start his business. However he gave most of it to a friend, and was quickly in debt.

Rebelling against the King

He is considered by many historians to be the first American to come up with the idea of Independence in 1745. He then published a newspaper called The Independent Advertiser stressing that we should seek Independence from Britain. This became a popular newspaper for the Bostonians. He was hanging (dummies) of tax collectors and British government officials from Liberty Tree, and by doing so he rallied colonists. They realized that we can actually do this, that this is possible.

Sons of Liberty

Samuel Adams formed the Sons of Liberty as a group of men to rebel against the king and seek independence from Britain. This group opposed the acts that the king began putting on the colonists such as the tea act, stamp act, quartering act, etc. They also supported the boycott of British goods. The group quickly grew to 300 men and they did some very daring acts. They wrecked tax collector houses, and tarred and feathered tax collectors. However, the most significant and impactful event that they conducted was the Boston Tea Party. The members of the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and threw millions of dollars of tea into the harbor. The king was so frustrated by this that he enacted the Intolerable Acts. These acts disabled basic rights of the colonists.

The American Revolution

The Revolution started on April 19, 1775 with the battle of Lexington and Concord. It was known as the shot heard around the world. This forced our founding fathers, one of them being Samuel Adams, to adopt the Declaration of Independence. This document basically told Britain that we wanted to be our own country, and that we're parting ways with you. They gave very good reasons such as the British government taking away the colonists unalienable rights, and taxation without representation. Samuel signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. America ended up winning the war, and we got our freedom. Samuel later went on to work in the Massachusetts government.

Son's of Liberty

Intresting Facts

  • cousin of John Adams
  • In 1747 he was the clerk of Boston market
  • in 1748 he founded a weekly newspaper called The Independent Advertiser stressing that we should seek independence from Britain.
  • In 1756 he was elected tax collector, and at the end of his job he owed 8,000 dollars because he often "forgot" to collect the taxes.
  • Tried to start his on brewery, but it quickly failed.
  • He was given 2,000 dollars by his dad to quick start a company. However, Samuel gave most of it to a friend and failed at that too.
  • He had 6 children and his first wife was Elizabeth checkley.
  • He was a strong abolitionist, and when he was given a slave as a wedding present, he gave the woman (Lurry) her freedom and she worked around the Adam household the rest of her life.
  • Elizabeth Checkley died in 1758, and so he re-married Elizabeth Wells in 1764.
  • He died on October 2, 1803 from Illness, he was 81.



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Samuel Adams