New species found on pandora

Explorers have found a new human like species on Pandora

Explorers find large tribe of Na'Vi

Explorers were exploring the newly discovered planet of Pandora when they came across these large human like beings. They seemed to be curious about the humans and did not act hostile towards them. The explores followed them back to a large tribe of these human like beings. They seem to be in a tribal stage much like humans once were.

Characteristics of the Na'Vi

They are 10 feet tall!

The explorers were shocked at how tall they seemed to be and after measuring them they turned out to be 10 feet tall! The Na'Vi also seem to all share a yellow eye color. one of the most obvious things about the Na'Vi is that they have blue skin. Another characteristic is that they have pointy ears and have 2 legs just like humans.

Food Supply

It is apparent that the Na'Vi have a strong connection with the area that they live in. They eat much of the fruit that grows around them. They also seem to be skilled hunters but after each kill they seem to say some type of prayer thanking the animal for the food that it will provide.