Science Report On Sei Whales

By Will Agan

The Sei Whale is an endangered whale species living off the west coast

Why is the Sei Whale Endangered?

The Sei Whale is endagered due to overhunting. Since the fin and blue whale populations started to reach critically low levels, people started hunting Sei whales. They are the third largest species of whale and are very fast swimmers, but people still can catch and kill them

The Sei Whale Feeding Areas

Balaenoptera borealis is the Sei Whales Scientific Name

What are some Physical adaptions that let the Sei whale Survive? How will you add them on your habitat?

A specialized tailfin- This tailfin lets the whale swim very fast to avoid predators and catch its prey.

Baleen- These let the whale filter out the fish from the water. It catches a mouthful and then strains it out, leaving the remaining krill, phytoplankton and fish.

How I will add these- for the tailfin, I will create and area where the whale can swim in place, without going anywhere. For the baleen, I will release krill into the water and let the whale catch them themselves, instead of feeding it directly to them. This will keep them in shape and make them work to get their food.

What are a few behavioral adaptions? How will you incorporate them into the habitat?

Migration- The Sei whale migrates every winter so that it can get to warmer water

Protecting it's young- the sei whale guards its young until it is old enough to survive on it's own.

How I will add these- For migration, I will decrease the water temperature and let them swim in the tailfin area, while unaware that they are not moving. Then, I will gradually increase the water temp and simulate them finishing the migratory process. For protecting it's young, there is not much I could add. This is a natural behavior, and I'm not going to add in predators to help.

Sei Whale new Habitat

It would be optimal for the sei whale to live in an area where the water was calm and warm.


These are the four native plants to the deep sea biome
Sei Whale Feeding Frenzy - Blue Planet - BBC wildlife

Above: Energy Pyramid

Food Web

(it was made in paint, please don't judge)