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5 STAR Academy Information

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Elementary Information

  • Message from Mrs. Shepherd
  • Message from Mrs. Preddy (3-5)

High School Information

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5 STAR Academy Learning Lab

Elementary Information

Message from Mrs. Shepherd (K-2)


I am sending this email because I will be out tomorrow:) What a great week we had! I enjoyed seeing the growth monitoring process as well as all the awesome participation in lessons!

Some updates for the upcoming week:

1. This week, we will have a normal week of lessons and it is our last week of lessons before Spring Break!!!

2. MCLASS progress mon will be this week for small group time before break- if your name is on the schedule attached, this will be your time for Mclass this week :)

3. Spring break starts Friday- There is no school April 7-16- Live classes will resume Monday, April 17!

4.There is no checklist until after break (after this one attached)- I will send the one for the week of April 17- next Friday before the week starts!

5. Please make sure we are staying up on our checklists moving into break/ final Quarter! This is so so important:) You guys are awesome.

Thank you for all you do, day in and out to make your kiddos school journey a success! Have a blessed weekend :)

Message from Mrs. Preddy (3-5)

Hello wonderful families!

I hope you had a restful weekend and enjoyed the beautiful warm weather. We are looking forward to a great week ahead as we finish out the last week in March.

Congratulations to TJ Smith for being named the Elementary Student of the Month for March! Great job!

We welcome a new student to our 4th-grade class. We are so happy to have you Leighanna!

Report cards were sent home Friday. Please review your grades and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

**Looking ahead: Students will be taking a Mock EOG the week of April 3rd-6th for reading and math. 5th grade will also have science. This will not be counted towards their grade. It is an assessment to show where the students are currently and will help me with lesson design and review for upcoming EOGs. Please encourage students to take their time and work as hard as they can. I will post the times and schedule in next week's email.

*Please complete the intent form if you have not done so. It is located in the repeat information at the bottom of this email.

**5th Grade only** Please print the math worksheet attached to this email for our lessons on coordinate grids this week and next. You will need to have it ready Tuesday.

Instructional Focus of the Week

3rd- Describing how connections and comparisons support points

- Equivalent fractions / comparing fractions

4th -Integrate information from two texts on the same topic

- Generate and analyze number and shape patterns

5th- Integrate information from several texts on the same topic

- Write, explain, and evaluate expressions

- Graph points on a coordinate plane

- Infer the effects that plants and animals have on their ecosystem

iReady time expectation for this week: (reading and math)

75 minutes for each subject


GA staff are looking to add some fun information about students to the yearbook. Please complete this form if you would like to share some information. Please have it completed by March 31st.



We invite you to participate in Granville Academy's

3rd annual talent show!

We want to know who you are and what talent you are going to show! Please complete this form to sign up as an act for the show! The deadline to sign up is March 29th, 2023. The show will be hosted in person. GA Pirates can enter the talent show in person or by a recorded video!

Please know all are invited to join us in the audience to support the Pirate performers!

We can't wait to see what you can do!

Direct Link to the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1Oi2NobH4rgv3wCrNoi2DXpna_Rwhh1LRSsYj5HlQqyE4rQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Dates to remember:

March 31st - In-person event (Mary Potter Campus) Talent Show 10:00 am

- No virtual Friday meeting

April 7th - No School

April 10th - 14th - SPRING BREAK

April 17th - First day back

April 28th - In-person event


Enroll in GA today

Do you know someone who might be interested in becoming a GA Pirate?

The 2023-2024 Granville Academy application is open!

https://bit.ly/GranvilleAcademyApp2023-2024 Please help spread the word!

***Keep in mind that only new students need to apply***

Be sure to check out our new GA: A Place to Call Home video here.

High School Information

Message from HS Teachers:

Good morning, Pirates!

The semester has started and courses are in full swing. Students should be checking their email and logging in to their courses to complete assignments REGULARLY. Students who are failing two or more classes will be REQUIRED to attend the learning lab. If you have any issues or questions, please make sure you contact your teacher(s) as soon as possible.

Attendance Reminder

PLEASE make sure you are completing your attendance form from your homeroom teacher each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Yearbook Help

GA is having its first ever yearbook this year! Help us out by contributing to our yearbook! We want to know what some of your favorite things are! Please complete this form by Friday, March 31st and let us know!

Math 1 Students

If you are taking Math 1 this semester, come join Ms. Cash on Tuesday, April 4th for a calculator session. Ms. Cash will go over everything you need to know about using your calculator when taking the Math 1 EOC. This session will be held at our Mary Potter campus in Oxford on Tuesday, April 4th from 10am-12pm. Please reach out to Ms. Cash with any questions.

GA Intent Form

It has been a pleasure to work with all of you this year. We are so proud of all the hard work and growth our students have shown. We are reaching out because we wanted to make sure that we were best serving our students during the transition to next year. We look forward to serving many of you again but if you are deciding to pursue other options for your students we want to support you during that transition.

Please complete this form to share with us your initial intent for next school year for each of your students. The form is linked here.

GA Extracurricular Opportunities

We asked for your feedback in the GA Mid-Year Feedback form and the results have been reviewed! One of the most requested suggestions for our GA Pirates focused on providing the opportunity to socialize through extra curricular activities! In order to help us plan, we are asking Pirates to complete this brief form for more info about what you would like to see in the future! The form is anonymous and does not require a login or use of your name. We always appreciate your responses and are excited to plan activities with you!

Talent Show

We invite you to participate in Granville Academy's 3rd annual talent show! We want to know who you are and what talent you are going to show! Please complete this form to sign up as an act for the show! The deadline to sign up is March 29th, 2023. The show will be hosted in person at our Mary Potter campus on Friday, March 31st. GA Pirates can enter the talent show in person or by a recorded video!

Kindness Letters

Have you witnessed or experienced an act of kindness? We want to hear about it! Please write a brief, one-page essay about an act of kindness someone has done for you. Please send your essays to Mrs. Young by Wednesday, March 29th. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Tasks to Complete - Major Clarity

All students should login to MajorClarity via ClassLink, go to their portfolio and review the tasks they should complete for their grade level. You can find steps on how to do that in this document here. MajorClarity has a support chat available if you need any assistance.

Students can also earn microcredentials through MajorClarity. Microcredentials can help students gain skills and demonstrate to future employers that they are proficient at various tasks. You can learn more about earning microcredentials through MajorClarity here.

Arts in Bloom Gala & Silent Auction

The Granville Education Foundation (GEF) is hosting an art gala and silent auction to raise funds for GEF. Students are able to submit work to be publicly exhibited at the Granville Museum; art pieces will then be auctioned off. Students are encouraged to submit any form of artwork or craft for the event. All submissions must be sent to the Granville Education Foundation by Thursday, April 6th. If you have any questions or are in need of supplies, please reach out!

Spring Schedule

Learning labs have begun. Our in-person lab runs Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-1pm at our Mary Potter campus. Our virtual lab runs Monday-Thursday from 9am-1pm.

Our synchronous learning opportunities are happening each week. These opportunities are for our Granville Academy students to be able to work with some of their teachers in person or virtually and potentially collaborate with their peers. Please visit your specific classes for more instructions and details about these opportunities. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE students to participate in these learning opportunities. Please see the schedule below for more details:

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Enrollment Information

Granville Academy Application 2024-2024

Only new students need to apply!

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