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Tanzania Southern Circuit: Ruaha and Selous

Tanzania's Southern safari circuit is less popular than the Northern one but it's one of the best-kept secrets in the tourism sector! With some of the most beautiful game parks, panoramic landscapes and thrilling game-viewing opportunities, this region encompasses some of Tanzania's biggest reserves like Selous and Ruaha along with several excellent private reserves.

Ruaha National Park: is spread over a mind-boggling 40,000 sq km and is home to a wonderful variety of game, including rare Greater Kudu which cannot be spotted anywhere else. The unique riverine vegetation is also home to hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, the Nile crocodile, insects and butterflies. Four great rivers pass through this park and are the life-line of this fascinating eco-system. The park boasts one of the biggest densities of elephant populations in East Africa and other species like sable/roan antelope, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, gazelle, wildebeest, hippopotamus, eland, impala, bat-eared foxes and the endangered African Wild-dog. Bird-watchers can have their pick of more than 500 species of local and migratory avians. The Great Rift Valley and the magnificent undulating landscape provide spectacular views, while the hot springs, waterways, wetlands and many historical, archaeological and cultural sites make Ruaha an unforgettable holiday experience. Accommodation in the park can be either private facilities or government-run guest-houses and lodges. Self-catering “bandas” tented camp-sites, cottages, hostels and dorms, luxury lodges and boutique resorts are some options. Another available option is accommodation just outside the park limits. Walking-safaris, birding, bush-picnics in designated areas and cultural interactions are some of the activities for visitors.

Selous: Another magnificent National Park, Selous is a UNESCO World Heritage site and no permanent human habitation is allowed here. Dotted with numerous rivers and crystal-clear freshwater lakes, Selous has the biggest elephant population in Africa as well as the densest concentration of the endangered African Wild Dog, hippos, crocodiles and lions. Located close to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, Selous offers easy access from these places. Another unique option here is the boat-safari along the Sand River and safaris are only allowed in the daytime hours. Walking-safaris, fly-ins, luxury tented-camps and lodges, some great budget accommodation, diverse bird and reptile species are some of the holiday options available. This park is an all-season safari location – for instance, even in January-February, when the animals move away in search of better pastures, the bird-life is at its peak.

There are plenty of other exciting locations on the Southern circuit, like the Mahale Mountains, with its chimpanzee population and Lake Tanganyika, which can be explored and enjoyed.


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