Tupac Shakur

Josan Murphy

Natural born killa

The main conflict of this story is how tupac became a legend. tupac grew up rough as a young child he was a very smart kid. his mother was a black panther before he was born. she was arrested and was in jail while she was pregnant. When he was born she was just getting out of jail.
Tupac Shakur was and artist he expressed himself through music. As he got older he got a full scholarship to a very good school for music.


Tupac was and artist hes very creative with words he inspired many people. He was motivated tupac was how he grew up with all the racism and poverty around him. his family was going through a lot at the time and also his mother gotten addicted to drugs which put tupac in a difficult spot. he lived and other family and went to school.
Tupac was not a bad person he was never in any trouble as a kid tupac read books a lot because he loved to read about all different kinds of things. Tupacwas very smart his fascination with words was great. he began rapping when he was in middle school but he was only just wiring them. as he was in high school tupac actually started to perform shows at his school people loved his work in general.
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