Slieve League Cliffs

A little piece of paradise?

  1. If you love the cliffs overlooking the sea, the solitary and unexplored places where you hear only the sound of wind then Slieve League is the place for you.
  2. These cliffs of Donegal are the highest in Europe (over 600 meters) and much less known than the cousins Cliffs of Moher County Clare.
  3. The Slieve League are hidden and timid in their little tight angle: only a few signs indicate their presence coming from Teelin and then Bunglass.
  4. To reach them you must first go through a steep and winding road in the middle of wilderness and isolated houses and then cross a gate and continue the climb to the top.
  5. During the last part of the journey will seem to have arrived at the borders of the world, in a virgin land unexplored and inhabited only by sheep and some lonely traveler who decided to walk this walk.
  6. Each curve is a pleasure for the eyes and the irregular profile of the cliffs but sweet will be welcome in the blinding green of the meadows and the smell of wet grass.
  7. At the end of the climb there await gigantic visitor centers, but only a simple parking, a picnic area and one of the most beautiful trails of Ireland: a flight of steps just Mentioned made of small irregular stones and slippery That will give you one of the most exciting island.
  8. in front of you will open, often hidden by low clouds, these untamed cliffs, tapered like the fingers of a pianist, as elegant as a gloved hand, as silent as a soft lullaby: you will only hear the screeching of the gulls, the distant roar of the waves crashing on the rocks and the regular noise of your breath as you face the climb. There are no words to describe the infinite beauty of this mysterious place, atavistic and mysterious in its simplicity.
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Walking Ireland - Slieve league