Trimester 2

First Day of the Project, Thursday February 18 (30% of the assessment grade)

  1. Four Situations: Pre-Assessment which you need to complete individually, assigned as homework the day before. Turn in at the beginning of class. This is a requisite to begin the Final Assessment Project!
  2. Matching Cards Game Everyday Situations 1: In partners try to pair up the card with the situation with the card with the corresponding graph or equation. Glue them on your poster paper and write both your names on it before you turn it in.
  3. Another Four Situations: Individually, complete the worksheet , as an Exit Ticket for this class. This component counts as a quiz grade. No collaboration is allowed for this page.

Project: Special Instructions

  • Please be early to class, if you begin late, you will not be able to finish the work in the time allowed. Work is picked up at the end of the class
  • Bring all your materials to class (paper, special paper, crayons, pens, markers, etc.)
  • Bring your portfolio so you can use your work for reference
  • ALL work is to be done in class, with the exception of the two homework assignments

Second day of the project, Monday February 22 (30% of the assessment grade)

  1. Warm Up Investigation 2: Analyzing Graphs: Do this activity in partners. Try to match the graphs to the situations described.
  2. Match the Graphs and Stories, Create the Stories for the Graphs, and Create Your Own Graphs and Stories: This is individual work.
  3. Reflections Questions and Homework: Reflections must be done at home together with the homework.

Third, and last, part of the project, Tuesday February 23 (40% of the assessment grade)

  1. Describe the Graph as a Warm Up
  2. My Function Book: This final part of the project is worth 40% of the final assessment grade and is due by the end of class time.