Mesoamerica Civilizations Continued

Josey and Jeff


The Toltecs are a Nahuati-speaking tribe. The Toltecs are the tribe that burned down the center of Teotihuacan in 900 c.e. Toltec translates to "urbanite," "cultured," and "reed person." The Toltecs were builders, who created giant statues and fine metalwork among other things. The Toltec hegemony in central Mexico was destroyed by the invasion of the nomadic Chichimec in the 12th century.


Aztecs are also Nahuati-speaking people who ruled southern Mexico in the 15-16th centuries. Although nobody knows the origin of the Aztecs for sure, it is believed by many that they were hinter-gatherers from northern Mexico. Aztec religion is one that took inspiration from many other Mesoamerican cultures. The Aztec calender was similar to much of Mesoamerica at the time. The Aztec empire was overtaken in 1521 with the Spanish capture of Tenochititlan.


The Incan didn't begin conquests until 300 years after their capital was established. Once they began, they gained control of the Andean population of 12,000,000 in only 100 years. The Incan left no written records, not uncommon in Andean cultures. The founder of the dynasty, Manco Capac, led the tribe into Cuzco to settle, where they remained after their capital. There was little to distinguish the Incan tribe from other tribes in the Andes until the 14th century, which was around the time of the reign of the 4th emperor, Mayta Capac.